I finally cleaned my room last night. There was never really anything there to begin with, but I did manage to make it look as if a hurricane had briefly grazed through. Papers scattered everywhere, bras and miscellaneous socks tossed about, empty water bottles, a trash can that needed to be emptied out, and did I say papers scattered everywhere?… Read More →


I think it might have been all that ocean air this past weekend. Today was a Spare The Air day, but I went to a barbecue anyway, and it was magnificent. Filled with various meats, various vegetables, and roasted corn. I love roasted corn. A general good day with good friends. It’s been a very laid back weekend.

I Am Strong

The other morning, I was making a bagel and while pressing down on the toaster handle, I somehow broke it. The handle just bent off and hung there by a very slim piece of plastic,… swaying in the wind. I might have screamed momentarily, as it was obviously an omen predicting how the rest of my day will go. Read More →

Free Velocity

Today at work, I spent an hour on the phone with an elderly woman who wanted me to give her the sizing specifications on no less than ten articles of clothing and then launched into a thirty-minute story of how well her five dogs get along, interspersed with the current condition of her gall bladder.
I think I said a total of two or three sentences during the course of the conversation, mostly being, “Oh no!,” “Right on!,” and “That’s great!” She called to buy a skort for her trip to Mexico, and an hour later she was thanking me for having such a ‘wonderful’ conversation with her (and she truly meant it).
That’s right, you heard it… I’m a wonderful conversationalist.

A Curse Upon Gateway…

This is actually the second time that I have written this posting. The first time I was interrupted by my laptop rebooting on it’s own. There was a time when I would have thrown all things aside and done nothing but try to remedy the problem. I can’t seem to get into that computer geek mode anymore. So, a curse upon Gateway for selling such shitty and shoddy ass products, and a swift kick in my own ass for not being more upset about it.

I’ve spent the majority of my weekend working on my film class paper that is due tomorrow night. Yes, I have had over a month to get it together, but I’ve been preoccupied. Other things. Other things. And, I’m crushing hard on the girl that controls the LiteShow,… does that sound like something out of Oz or lyrics from a Pink Floyd song?

Eat It.

Today, my sisters, my brother-in-law and my four-year old nephew came to visit me. They wanted to check out the new digs and make sure I wasn’t living in a hovel. After the walk-through we decided to get some Mexican food down at the Tequila Grill… it’s better than it sounds, trust me…

Missing Glasses Alert

I have lost my Jones New York eyeglasses.

They cost me a pretty penny even with the insurance coverage (while i had it). FAWK!!

If I see some hipster Sound Arts student walking down the hallways wearing my fucking $200 frames and a Von Dutch t-shirt… someone’s losing a limb.

Lucky for me, I still had my old weaker prescription glasses, shoved into the the back of my glove compartment. They are missing a lens and have dried bubblegum stuck on the frame, but at least I can see clearly from one side while I’m driving at night.