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Eat It.

Today, my sisters, my brother-in-law and my four-year old nephew came to visit me. They wanted to check out the new digs and make sure I wasn’t living in a hovel. After the walk-through we decided to get some Mexican food down at the Tequila Grill… it’s better than it sounds, trust me…

Missing Glasses Alert

I have lost my Jones New York eyeglasses.

They cost me a pretty penny even with the insurance coverage (while i had it). FAWK!!

If I see some hipster Sound Arts student walking down the hallways wearing my fucking $200 frames and a Von Dutch t-shirt… someone’s losing a limb.

Lucky for me, I still had my old weaker prescription glasses, shoved into the the back of my glove compartment. They are missing a lens and have dried bubblegum stuck on the frame, but at least I can see clearly from one side while I’m driving at night.